If it’s not the first time you visit Vicenza, if you’re curious to know new places outside the traditional routes, if you’d love to be actively involved in a guided tour or if you’d simply like to visit the most beautiful Veneto cities from a different, more dynamic and amusing point of view, then here you are some THEME-BASED ROUTES which could likely suite you fine:


Oddities and curiosities in Vicenza: guided routes, treasure hunting, storytelling between reality and fantasy
Crimes and punishments in Vicenza: the dark side of Vicenza among murders, crimes and revenges…
Arts and trades in Vicenza and its territory: guided tours and to handcraft laboratories
Urban trekking
The women of Vicenza: theme-based route to discover the feminine side of Vicenza

All our itineraries can be customised and structured as a half-day or full-day tour, according to your needs.
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