Vicenza: beautiful city

Vicenza: beautiful city.” Filippo Pigafetta, explorer and relative of the most famous Antonio, used these words to describe his city when inserting it in the Italian edition of the ‘Theatrum Orbis Terrarum’ (Theater of the world), the atlas that the Flemish cartographer Abraham Ortelius started to publish in the second half of the XV Century.

And, indeed, this is the comment by which, even today, many tourists begin their surprising discovery of this tiny jewel of Veneto.

PALAZZO CHIERICATIThe classical tour
The itinerary that we propose will present the city in its Renaissance guise, immersed in the architectural scenery created by the undisputed genius of Andrea Palladio. You will discover the suggestive Olympic Theater, the majestic Basilica Palladiana, symbol of the city, the elegant sequence of the ancient nobles’ houses, as well as the beautiful squares and gardens appearing from unexpected glimpses.
Our classic walking tour includes a guided visit of the exteriors, but purchasing the Museum Card * and according to your schedule it is possible to visit the interior of some buildings such as the Olympic Theater, Palazzo Chiericati Art Gallery, the Church of S. Corona, Leoni-Montanari Palace, Palladium Museum and many other.
As an alternative, you may choose a guided tour of the interior of the Basilica Palladiana, from whose panoramic terraces you can enjoy a breathless sight on the roofs and landscape of Vicenza.

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